Pre-order a taxi online free of charge!

Forget queuing and waiting!


With our easy-to-use booking calendar, you can pre-order a taxi online free of charge. Order a taxi online and put your ride into our safe hands. Our lengthy experience with our taxi pre-ordering service has made us a popular taxi company in the Uusimaa region.


The booking calendar shows available times from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Reservation times are available steadily at five-minute intervals, so you’re guaranteed to find a taxi for the time you need. We charge no pre-order fees, but have a minimum charge of €40.


We recommend that you order your taxi 2 hours prior to the desired pickup. Need a taxi first thing in the morning? A ride for the following morning must be ordered by 9 PM the night before.


Our booking system is best suited for ordering rides for 1-4 passengers.

Pre-order – book a taxi through the booking calendar

So how do you pre-order a taxi in practice?

  1. First enter your location in the upper right field, e.g. Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Nurmijärvi.
  2. Choose a date in the booking calendar, see the available times and choose the time you want.
  3. Pre-ordering a taxi also requires filling in personal information and contact information. Addresses are obviously also essential; enter the location where the taxi should pick you up and your destination.
  4. If you want, you can enter a message in the Additional information field.
  5. Finally, press the Make reservation button. All you need to do then is wait for your ordered ride at the time of your choosing! Our handy booking service will remind you of your approaching trip in advance by text message or email.

Booking calendar

Pre-order a taxi for a regular working day, for a trip or a party

Pre-ordering a taxi is a great solution for many situations.


We’ll get you to work on a weekday or to a party during the pre-Christmas season or the eve of an important wedding. Book a taxi quickly the night before or even a month in advance.

The Number One for long trips

Pre-ordering is much cheaper with us than with other similar companies.


Ordering a taxi through the booking calendar does not involve any pre-ordering fees.


We may not be the very cheapest alternative for short trips (minimum charge €40), but after 13-15 km, we are clearly one of the most affordable. Our taxi service is popular not only in the Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki region, but also in the neighbouring municipalities of Kirkkonummi, Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Nurmijärvi and Tuusula.

Get to the airport or railway station more comfortably by pre-ordering a taxi well in advance

Taking an early morning flight? Going to the railway station in the evening?


You’ll get railway station taxis and airport taxis from us reliably exactly when you need them. Pre-ordering a taxi to the airport is pretty popular – and our most recommended service. Smooth airport transportation guarantees carefree service at a hectic moment. Is our service new to you?  Pre-ordering a taxi from us to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is absolutely reliable and timely. Pre-ordering a taxi is at the core of our services, and we focus heavily on smoothness and reliability. 


Our popular and sought-after services in the Helsinki metropolitan area include:

  • Taxi pre-orders to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport
  • Taxi pre-orders Espoo
  • Taxi pre-orders Helsinki
  • Taxi pre-orders Nurmijärvi

Booking a taxi in advance is easy

In the morning rush, every little minute counts.


A pre-ordered taxi brings much-needed extra minutes to your morning. It’s stressful to wonder whether the taxi you ordered will actually arrive and what you can really rely on.


A taxi pre-ordered through is a 100% reliable and secure taxi service.


Our reliable service is complemented by helpful customer service: we take your baggage to the steps or all the way inside. We know that small details and politeness are the icing on the cake of a good customer experience. Order a taxi free of charge, quickly and reliably – utilise our comprehensive experience in organising taxi pre-orders in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Taxi pre-order

Order a taxi online – order a taxi free of charge, well in advance or for the next day at the latest. Our recommended taxi pre-ordering service covers the Helsinki metropolitan area and the rest of the Uusimaa region.


We also accept rides for other long-distance routes.