Order a taxi to the airport – passenger transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area

”I made the order because the service was so great!”


Our satisfied customers are the basis of our operation. We offer reliable transportation to and from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. When you need to get to the airport comfortably but still on schedule, our expert drivers will make sure you’ll make it.


We also offer fast transportation to the harbour or the railway station.


If you’re interested in quality transportation to the railway station, harbour or airport, contact us and ask for more details or directly pre-order a taxi easily through our booking calendar.

Order an airport taxi from us at an affordable price

Our airport taxi is a popular and recommended service among holiday-goers and commuters. 


Our airport taxi is particularly well suited for those coming to the airport from 12-15 km away, as we are clearly one of the companies in the most affordable price range in trip price comparisons.


All our customers have always made their destinations within the promised times.

A taxi to the airport is a carefree way to start a much-awaited holiday

Whether you need to get somewhere early in the morning or late in the evening, a pre-ordered taxi to the airport makes your trip smoother and your journey easier, with no need to lug your baggage around any more than you have to.


A taxi will take you quickly and easily from your doorstep to the airport at any time of the day, rain or shine.

Taxi pickup from the airport

We will also pick you up from the airport!


You can arrange a pickup from the airport in advance and avoid having to find a taxi or queue after a flight, when you just want to get home or to your hotel.


We have made airport pickups from Helsinki-Vantaa very easy. The taxi picking you up will contact you as soon as your plane has landed.


When pre-ordering, all you need to do is give us your flight number and your phone number to make sure we’ll be in the right place at the right time.

Will we also take you to the railway station or harbour?

Yes, we will!


We will also facilitate your journey when you’re going on the rails or to the sea. A taxi from the railway station to Länsisatama: when you need to hurry from the railway station to Länsisatama, you can pre-order a taxi through our handy booking system. Order a taxi from the railway station to Länsisatama reliably through us.


Taxi to the Helsinki railway station – pre-order here »
Taxi from the railway station to Länsisatama – pre-order here »

Taxi fare (minimum charge €40) – airport, railway station or harbour?

Our affordable airport taxi is particularly popular in the region of Espoo, Karjaa, Kirkkonummi, Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Nurmijärvi and Tuusula. We may not be the very cheapest alternative for short trips, but at distances of 13-15 km, the situation is reversed, and we are one of the most affordable taxis to the airport at longer distances.


We do not charge a pre-order fee but have a minimum charge of €40.


Railway station, harbour, airport – pre-set price or by the taximeter?


Going by the taximeter is most advantageous to our customers. Pre-estimated fares are often the worse option; if there is congestion somewhere, we’ll go around it to make sure you don’t have to pay extra (cheapest route and method).


Pre-order a taxi to and from the airport without queuing and waiting!

High-quality executive transportation

We provide high-quality executive transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area. When your partners, customers or clients need reliable, high-quality transportation, you can safely utilise our transportation service. We arrange all corporate passenger transportations with professional skill. Our experienced and customer service-oriented drivers always guarantee a smooth trip.

A smooth part of your working day

Our service is particularly popular among commuters – and why wouldn’t it be?


Affordable pricing, a good booking system and friendly customer service are our assets in traffic. Timeliness and reliability are a part of us every moment of the day. A taxi will take you conveniently from door to door, which saves time and brings little moments of peace to your day.


A taxi will take you to your destination neatly in any weather, and you can make some calls while watching the scenery, if need be. 


Your reliable airport taxi

Our airport taxi offers friendly service to commuters, holiday-goers and party-goers in the Uusimaa region.


Airport taxi Helsinki, Vantaa and other neighbouring municipalities – reserve your own moment through the booking calendar!